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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charlotte's Messenger Bag

Here's a cute messenger bag that I made for my two year old.  I plan on using it  for her in the fall when she starts "school" again. (Charlotte attends a program two mornings a week for children with motor disorders.)  It's so cute I'll probably use it as a diaper bag and/or purse too!  I used the pattern from the One Yard Wonders Book designed by Lindsie Blair.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Just getting started...

I recently got my sewing machine tuned up and started sewing again.  I think the last time I had used it before this was probably fourteen years ago. Yikes!  Am I dating myself?  Anyway, my motivation was my sweet little two year old Charlotte.  What could be more fun then sewing for a cute little girl?

I have been very busy with the machine.  I've sewn two dresses for Charlotte and two tops.  I've made sweet baby accessories for my expecting sister and sister-in-law, including burp cloths, blankets, jackets and a taggie lovey blanket.  I also made a purse for my friend from a great pattern from by Kimberbellkids.  I will try to get around to posting photos of these competed projects.

Currently I'm working on a few bags and a romper for Charlotte.  I've decided to join in the Amy Butler sew-along with SewSweetness.  I may make the Blossom bag or save that for the Septemeber sew-along and attempt one of the Amy Butler quilts!  Better decide soon and get sewing.